Tantalum Magazine interviews Fernando Gomez for their work on Carefree Freedom

How does this collection speak to you? How did it come about? What did you want this to say to your audience?

This editorial is about a strong cosmopolitan woman who is sure enough about her feminity to play around with masculine clothes; loose and bold styles, bright, fun and easy-going looks that makes you want to go out to take a stroll in the city. The history is inspired by the character of Diane Keaton in “Annie Hall” so we wanted to portray the essence of that personality with a modern twist. After watching the film, I had the urge to do an homage to that playful and boyish style.

What do you find to be the most difficult when bringing a team of artists together to create a cohesive look? How do you pick the right team?

The most difficult thing is always trying to explain to the team my vision because I'm always kind of vague when it comes to describing styling, so what I usually do is make a big moodboard with references that come close to that vision. As for picking the right team, it always depends on the project, I try to work with people whose style connect better with the mood of the editorial.

As an editorial artist, what do you feel is one of the biggest mistakes beginners tend to make? How would you describe your artistic style? Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it? What is your greatest weakness; your greatest strength?

Hmm... that's a tough question there. I think that the biggest mistake in my opinion is to care too much about some other's people work so they start recreating their styles. In my opinion, you always have to be true to your artistic vision and try not to be affected about the “trends” of the moment. I don't think I have a style yet, I'm still working on it. What I'm always looking for is to bring the best of each of one of the subjects I work with. Regarding to my greatest weakness/strength, it may sound cliché, but I guess it is always being striving for perfection. I try to care, sometimes too much, about what involves the final picture (make-up, hair, styling, light, pose) and maybe it may distract me a little bit when it comes to focusing on the shooting time. As for the question regarding being front or behind the camera, the answer is obvious in my case, I always want to be behind the camera, though I have to tell you I have amazing posing skills! Haha!

What misconceptions do you think outsiders have about fashion and beauty editorials? What is your secret to keeping a happy balanced life while following your passion? Music feeds the soul and often motivates. What music are you playing while you are shooting? Words to live by?

I think that people tend to associate Fashion and beauty with photoshop because they think that the 90% of what they are seeing is unreal, which I'm going to be straight with you, sometimes it is, but they don't realise all the work and effort there are behind a production, whether it is fashion or beauty, and all the people that collaborated to make that final picture. My secret for having a happy balanced life is not to take the fashion world too serious and having hobbies that differs totally from fashion, it's good to disconect sometimes so your life is not all about this stressing industry. As for the music, I'm a pretty eclectic person when it comes to music genres, it depends on the mood of the shooting, it goes from Rock to Classical Music. And the words to live by… I think it would be “Work hard and be polite” these are the keys to success in my opinion.